National Ballet Institute for the Arts & Company
75 Years of bringing the joy of ballet to the people!

Friends of the National Ballet


William DuBoyce, President

Becky Pfarrer, Vice President

Kathleen Parker, Treasurer

Committee Directors

International Festival Committee Chairperson: Laura Carriere

Performance Committee Chairperson: Lori Glaze

Boutique Committee Chairperson: Vacant

Box Office: Doug Sage

Community Relations/Public Relations Chairperson: Michiko Masutani-Purser



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The Friends of the National Ballet (FNB or Friends) is the official volunteer and fundraising component of the National Ballet.  The Friends is a network of extremely talented, dedicated, and hardworking volunteers.  They are vital to the success and survival of the National Ballet.  Recent cuts in grant money available to artistic groups have increased the importance and role of the Friends.  The National Ballet needs your help to continue to produce professional ballets at affordable prices for the public.


One of the National Ballet's primary goals is to make theatre accessible to everyone.  You can help us achieve that goal by becoming a member of the Friends of the National Ballet.  Your individual donations of money, time and skills are invaluable.  With your help, the National Ballet can continue their 63 year history of delighting audiences with their professional ballets.  Please get involved

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